Conventions: No, it’s not cheating

gop-convention-3Lately there’ve been a lot of public slap-fights about the fairness or lack thereof of the convention process, most vociferously about the Republican delegate selection process and how the number of delegates for each candidate compares to their respective voter shares.

For some, this process doesn’t sufficiently reflect the “voice of the people” (frontrunner Donald Trump goes so far as to call it “rigged” and “crooked”) but these malcontents miss both the point and the significance of how the process is set up.

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Photoblog: Reddish egret


Reddish egret

Caught in a moment of sober reflection. Just wait until you see it go fishing. (Video to follow).

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Through the politically correct looking glass?


I swore I wouldn’t dedicate a post to Donald Trump.  I promised myself I wouldn’t give him the headspace or blogspace, except within a larger context (such as a debate wrapup or two).  So in order to keep my word, I’ll couch this seething post in the larger context of the nature of political correctness, and why Trump’s invocation of such as a way to shut down his adversaries shouldn’t be fooling anybody.

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Cheese Board of the Gods: Gruyère and Parmesan


After a long hiatus, the Cheese Board of the Gods has returned. This time not tabled, grilled, broiled or salad-borne, but baked over a decadent French onion soup.

Back to basics

I actually did do a grilled-cheese version of this dish (indeed, there is some overlap in the cheeses used), but amazing as the sammich is, it just isn’t the same. Ergo, soup’s on. Gruyère and Parmesan over braised onions in beef broth with Saloio crouton. Side tomato-cucumber salad with toasted pine nuts and balsamic vinaigrette. California Chardonnay back.

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GOPalooza II: Cage match

GOP Second Primary Debate Lineup

Credit: Screenshot/CNN via

Editor’s Note: This post, authored by me, is reprinted from the company blog at Red Pillar Consulting, LLC.

Is the ground shifting under the frontrunner’s feet?

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Cheese Board of the Gods: Asiago Pressato

Asiago pressato (fresh).

Asiago pressato (fresh) with raw honey and baguette, served with Italian gazpacho.

Why limit yourself?  Have your cheese board for dessert.  Your cheese won’t resent it at all, I promise.

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GOPalooza: Cleaning up after the debate

GOP Debate Candidate Field

Photo: Full field of candidates participating in the first set of Republican debates August 6. Not shown: former Gov. Jim Gilmore (VA), a late entry.

Editor’s Note: This post, authored by me, is reprinted from the company blog at Red Pillar Consulting, LLC.

The dust is still settling, and the recriminations still flying.

Wednesday night’s two-tiered debate brought in record audiences, a record number of contenders, and an abundance of thrown elbows in any number of directions.  Aside from the sparks flying in the first direct head-to-head encounter for the declared GOP candidates, the evening presented the first real opportunity for each one to introduce him-/herself formally to a national audience.

Most of the candidates, in both the 5pm 7-candidate undercard and the 10-candidate main event at 9pm, fell into one of five archetypes as their respective messages and presences took shape.    Let’s take a look at the Eagles, the Charmers, the Wonks, the Stragglers, and the Brawlers.  (Then we’ll take a look at the one they’re all orbiting around.)

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